This powerful footage is from the Korean Council. Please see the translation below the footage.

“I attend the Wednesday Rally to let the world know that we suffered grave pain. History is alive, so I hope that the Japanese Government will stop revising the history and learn to apologize. The future will be better if the world knows about this crime. I have heard that there still are many victims of wartime sexual violence. There shouldn’t be any more victims like us.” Won-Ok Kim (Korea, b.1928)

“I’m going to live to be 200 and receive the [official] apology from the Japanese government. If they want evidence, I will say, ‘I’m the living evidence.’” Ok-Ryun Park (Korea, b. 1928)

“We haven’t been liberated yet. I wish our descendants could live in a peaceful world without war.” Bok-Dong Kim (Korea, b.1926)

We demand

  • Nullification of the 2015 agreement between South Korea and Japan
  • Just resolution for Japanese military sex slaves
  • Eradication of wartime sexual violence
  • Building peace jointly

“Let’s meet on the 6th International Day at Peace Road [in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul]! There isn’t a way for me to go to meet every one of you, right?”


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