Partner Organizations

The Korean Council (The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan) 
The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (commonly known as The Korean Council) is a Korean non-governmental organization advocating the rights of the surviving comfort women and lobbying the Japanese government to take actions of a full apology and compensation. Since its foundation in 1990, the Korean Council has been operating on national and transnational stages. Within South Korea, the Council has been helping the former comfort women and encouraging the Korean government to resolve the issue. At the same time, the Council has been asserting responsibilities of Japan and bringing the issue to international human rights forum such as the UN Commission on Human Rights and the Asian Solidarity Conference. The movements of the Council are directly concerned to recover the human rights of the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery and are broadly in pursuit of preventing wartime crime against women and building peace.

Fight for Justice Website
The Japanese Military “Comfort Women” Issue Website Production Committee was established mainly by two organizations: Violence Against Women in War Research Action Center (VAWW RAC/the successor organization to VAWW-NET JAPAN) and the Center for Research and Documentation on Japan’s War Responsibility, which has made fact-finding and issue-resolving efforts on the “Comfort Women” issue for more than twenty years. In cooperation and coordination with researchers, experts, technicians, journalists, artists and citizens’ organizations, and others supporting the mission of this site, we decided to create a well-made and reliable website addressing the facts of the “Comfort Women” issue. Information is mainly provided in Japanese at present, but efforts are underway to provide information in multiple languages including English in the future.

ALPHA Education
ALPHA Education is an educational NGO, non-profit, and registered charity in Canada that promotes a critical-historical investigation of the events of World War II in Asia. Our mission is to foster awareness of an often overlooked aspect of World War II history, in the interest of furthering the values of justice, peace, and reconciliation, both for survivors of the past and for those who shape the historical narratives of the present and future.

New Jersey Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia (NJ-ALPHA)
The goal of the “New Jersey-Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia” (NJ-ALPHA) is to bring this long neglected chapter of history into the schools as part of the school curriculum. We have already made a good start in this effort by working in partnership with the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education (

Bataan Legacy Historical Society
Bataan Legacy Historical Society was created as a response to the lack of information on the Filipino defenders of Bataan. It began during public readings of a historical novel, In Her Mother’s Image, written by the founder of the organization Cecilia I. Gaerlan.

Pacific Atrocities

The goal of Pacific Atrocities Education is to inform others about such acts of genocide and other atrocities committed against Asian Pacific peoples during 1931-1945 because of bias, prejudice and discrimination.

Kim Hak-sun

Kim Hak-sun was the first woman to come forward about the plight of the comfort woman. As the first to share her story, she helped to bring to the public’s attention the issue of Japanese sex slavery during the Pacific War when she went public with her story in August, 1991.

Jan Ruff O’Herne

Ruff-O’Herne was born in 1923 in Bandoeng in the Dutch East Indies, a former Southeast Asian colony of the Dutch Empire. During the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, O’Herne and thousands of Dutch women were forced into hard physical labor at a prisoner-of-war camp…

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