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“Herstory” is a story of Chung Seo Woon (1924 – 2004) who was tricked into military sexual slavery by Japan. She was born in Akyang, South Kyungsang province in Korea to an affluent family. One day, her father was imprisoned for burying brassware, which was a much needed material Japanese soldiers were actively collecting to make weaponry. A few days later, a village chief told her her father would be released if she went to work at a factory in Japan for 2-3 years. She took the offer and ended up in a “comfort station” in Samarang, Indonesia instead. She was only 14 years old. Her father was never released from the prison and died there. The voice in this 11 minute film is narrated by Chung Seo Woon herself. Watch to learn more about her story.

Rare original footage of “Comfort Women”

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul National University Human Rights Center discovered this film from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). On July 5, 2017, the team released a 18-second film footage of Korean military sexual slaves in Songshan, Yunnan, China. This rare footage proves the existence of the military slavery system operated by the Japanese Army before and during WWII.

Butterfly’s Journey for Peace

History of struggle to bring justice to Comfort Women, from formation of The Korean Council to first public testimony by former comfort women, Kim Hak-sun, to Nabi Fund’s activities to spread the message of peace around the world and help aid victims of sex crimes in war torn countries.

Letter to Mother by Grandma Gil Won-Ok

Grandma Gil Won-ok reads her letter to mother, whom she never saw again since she was taken to serve as sex slave to Japanese Imperial Army when Gil was only 13 years old. Courtesy of Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by...

ATIS Interrogation Report No 91

Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) interrogation report No. 91 claims comfort houses (brothels) were “under army jurisdiction.” Download document here. Facebook...

Psy Warfare Bulletin no 182 pg 16

Page 16 of SEATIC Psychological Warfare Bulletin No. 182, provided on Aug. 11 by NIKH. “The [Japanese] army established licensed public comfort houses immediately after occupation in an effort to combat rape, but it continued to be common and led many of...

Nanking Massacre Curriculum Guide

The Nanking Massacre and Other Japanese Military Atrocities, The Asia-Pacific War, 1931-1945, A Curriculum Guide for Secondary Teachers, 2010 This 286 page guide was provided by NJ-ALPHA, Global Alliance. Download PDF, here. In Solidarity Fight...

Kim Hak-sun

Kim Hak-sun was the first woman to come forward about the plight of the comfort woman. As the first to share her story, she helped to bring to the public’s attention the issue of Japanese sex slavery during the Pacific War when she went public with her story in August, 1991.

Jan Ruff O’Herne

Ruff-O’Herne was born in 1923 in Bandoeng in the Dutch East Indies, a former Southeast Asian colony of the Dutch Empire. During the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, O’Herne and thousands of Dutch women were forced into hard physical labor at a prisoner-of-war camp…

In Solidarity

The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for
Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (The Korean Council)Fight for Justice
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New Jersey Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia

Pacific Atrocities

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