Dosan (島山) Ahn, Changho (安昌浩) is a Korean American pioneer who immigrated to SF in the early 1900s. He was a Korean independence activist and a leader of the Korean-American immigrants. He first settled at Chinatown in SF with his wife Helen. When Japan occupied Korea and took over the control, he fought against Japan for Korea’s independence. He established the Young Korean Academy(흥사단, 興士團) in SF in 1913. He also was a founding member of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai in 1919. He also wrote the lyrics of the Korean national anthem at SF Korean United Methodist Church at 1123 Powell Street. This church was sold and now it is Quong Ming Jade Emperor Palace.

With sponsorship from ESJF and SF Korean School, Dosan’s grandson Philip Cuddy is invited to talk about the footsteps that his grandfather left in San Francisco.

St Michael Catholic Church
32 Broad Street, San Francisco
Date: March 10, 2018
Time: 4PM – 6PM

Kim Hak-sun

Kim Hak-sun was the first woman to come forward about the plight of the comfort woman. As the first to share her story, she helped to bring to the public’s attention the issue of Japanese sex slavery during the Pacific War when she went public with her story in August, 1991.

Jan Ruff O’Herne

Ruff-O’Herne was born in 1923 in Bandoeng in the Dutch East Indies, a former Southeast Asian colony of the Dutch Empire. During the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, O’Herne and thousands of Dutch women were forced into hard physical labor at a prisoner-of-war camp…

In Solidarity

The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for
Military Sexual Slavery by Japan (The Korean Council)

Fight for Justice
English  Korean  Japanese


New Jersey Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia


Pacific Atrocities


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